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I'm not grieving.... nobody died!

A common misconception is that grief only relates to death or dying. In reality, grief is caused by a lot more than just death. There are over 40 causes of grief, including divorce, children leaving home, loss of health, loss of a job and isolation, just to name a few. These experiences are often dismissed, yet they can all lead to heartache, and so all of these experiences should be understood as causes of grief.

If you think about it, when we experience divorce, pet loss, redundancy, health scares etc, we are told the same old platitudes as when we lose a loved one – ‘give it time’, ‘be strong’, ‘keep busy’. So, if we receive the same advice for all of these scenarios, why do we not consider the outcome of all of these to be grief?

Unfortunately, we still live in a world where the concept of grief is still somewhat of a taboo subject. How many times when have you responded ‘I’m fine’ to the question ‘how are you?’, when inside you’re anything but? This might be because you don’t want to offload on the person asking how you are, but it also might simply be because you don’t know what to say. The Grief Recovery Method not only offers a safe, confidential, non-judgemental environment to talk about grief with someone who understands, but it also provides new skills on how to cope and process grief. Just because you might not identify the emotions you’re experiencing as being grief, this doesn’t mean that the Grief Recovery Method isn’t for you. Your experience and emotions are valid, regardless of the title you give them.

Get in touch to book your free consultation to discuss how the Grief Recovery Method can help you today!

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